Tileable Textures

Various tileable textures I have created for personal use. These were done the old fashioned ad-hoc way. Substance Designer ones coming in the near future!

Mark maxwell graveltexturetileudk

Gravel with sand material mixed in via parametric controls as shown in Unreal

Mark maxwell gravelzbrush

Original Tiling setup as modeled in Z-Brush. Done with 5-6 different rock subtools I created as well as some custom alpha brushes.

Mark maxwell gravelnativetile

Tiling image painted in Photoshop.

Mark maxwell graveltexturetiledispl

Preview of gravel material using tessellation.

Mark maxwell previewshot displaced1

Wooden plank material using tesselation.

Mark maxwell woodplanks zbrush

Z-Brush creation of plank geo. Nowadays I would definitely try to handle this via Substance designer if I was just after a material.

Mark maxwell woodplanks composite

Cutaway of texture components for tiling wood plank material.