Comic Art

This is comic art I did for personal reasons, submissions, and a freelance project I contributed to.

Mark maxwell comic cover

This is a personal piece I did, a self-portrait piece depicted as a comic book cover. Some of the pieces hanging on the wall in the background reflect influences as well as some of my own art.

Mark maxwell comic sub a composite

This is a 2-page spread done for Glass Door Graphics years ago. It was drawn to a sample X-Men script. I had started to ink page 1 for my own gratification but never finished. This was right before I switched to tech pens to do cityscape illustrations.

Mark maxwell comic sub b comp

This was a 2-page spread done as a submission to Image comics years ago when they were a single entity as a publisher. This was before I had seen anyone other than Jim Lee draw the WildC.A.T.S.

Mark maxwell crewcut pinup

This is a poster illustration which was meant to advertise in comic stores for a freelance project I contributed pencil art to, a self-published comic named Crewcut.