Bird Drawing

This is a pen and ink illustration I created as a gift.

Mark maxwell nyman 07

Roughly 10" x 14" pen and ink drawn based on different reference photos for native Swedish birds.

Mark maxwell nyman 01

Initial pencil drawing.

Mark maxwell nymans studio1

Setup with an example of the photo reference I was using.

Mark maxwell nyman 02

Inking in progress. I decided to add the leaf halfway through, right before I took this picture. I thought it made the visual narrative a little more interesting.

Mark maxwell nyman 03

Completed inks, minus an oval background I still wanted to add.

Mark maxwell nyman 06

I added the oval shape to tie it together, and I drew it freehand though looking back, I might have tried a different approach or shape, maybe an oval matte instead. The freehand oval line did not end up perfect, which is not a surprise!

Mark maxwell nyman 05

Finished presentation within frame before mailing.