Other Military Art

Here are some other art pieces and drawings I have done for the military. These were for domestic use but there are others that I could not post for declassification reasons. The latter includes stuff produced overseas for operational use, wheras these items represent training opportunities while at home. It was a great opportunity and honor (and a fascinating experience at times) to be able to combine my illustration skills with messaging in service to my country!

Mark maxwell bridge cov

I drew this for the cover of an internal magazine published by the 416h Engineer Command. It was completed shortly before we deployed in 2003 to Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Mark maxwell chicago style

T-Shirt Design created with vector artwork via Adobe Illustrator. I was new to Psychological Operations (PSYOP) at the time and found out my folly with an original draft that was spelled "PSYOPS" with an "S". :)