This is the vector artwork I created for my custom arcade cabinet, which was made by Steve Miller. The artwork was done in Adobe Illustrator with some Photoshop work on the marquee. This arcade cabinet is not a MAME has a multi-game board in it that plays 48 different early-mid 80s classics. (I became unreasonably good at Ms. Pac Man and Galaga on this). The side art was proposed for a sister machine he was making but this was never printed, so I re-arranged the characters and used them for the monitor bezel.

Mark maxwell markade compilation

All of the art compiled together with photos of my actual cabinet.

Mark maxwell marquee1

Marquee graphics done in Illustrator, with effects and painted lightning added in Photoshop. I had it printed on acrylic by a third-party vendor.

Mark maxwell control panel copy

Control panel is vector art I made in Illustrator.

Mark maxwell markade side

Original design of side art for a different machine. I ended up repurposing the vector art into the monitor bezel design.